Who I am?

My name is Ivana and I was born in Sanremo in the colorful eighties, during a completely unexpected snowfall: this must be why I love fairy tales and snowy scenarios!

I attended university in Padua, where I obtained my bachelor's degree in Modern Literature in 2005 and the master's degree in Linguistics in 2008. Following various pilgrimages, I found roots in a small town in the province of Milan (I love going to the theater in the Milanese capital, especially to see the wonderful Roberto Bolle!). I have a husband, two daughters and a kitten named Creamy.

For several years I led a double life: employee by day and writer by night. I worked ten hours a day doing a job I didn't like, but it allowed me to pay the mortgage. will be, But, the light of creativity was turned on. The evening was the time to travel with the imagination, coloring the daily dullness with stories, myths and legends.

And a day, the turning point. A fairy tale from the blog I was editing at the time was noticed by a children's magazine editor. Years and years of passion and hard work have paid off!

Continuing to study and collaborating with publishing houses, literary agencies, advertising agencies and independent authors, my experiences grew more and more… until I was finally able to change jobs and start a career as a freelancer! Now I work in the editorial field (proof-reading, book editing and manuscript evaluation) and in that of writing, as a ghostwriter and freelance columnist.